Beethgarten Reports – Do They Matter?

Beethgarten Reports – Do They Matter?

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This little story has brought back memories of when I was a kid. My father would always tell me that there was something funny about the news and I would rush to the television to see what was happening. I can remember the day I found out the principal was being arrested for stealing the students money. I watched in amazement as the news reports said that the principal had been arrested for stealing $700 from an elementary school fundraiser.

This news update just reminded me of something that happened decades ago when I was a child. My parents called the police and I remember the excitement on my classmates faces as they started to tell me what was going on. The next day the principal attacked another staff member and then another student and by the end of the week there were several children and their parents in tears.

The news is only relevant if it is current and up to date but this is certainly not the case with our news today. I am sure that the kids that are being attacked in today’s news aren’t even old enough to vote so I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway. Anyway, I hope everyone out there can keep themselves from being lied to any further. There’s no need to lie to the children who live everyday. Beeth germano reports are only as true as the information you feed them so make sure you get all the facts!