Designing a Career As a Designer

Designing a Career As a Designer

A designer is a person who creates things, especially prototypes. A designer’s job is to determine the practical application of some specified ideas or perceptions. Designing is usually done for aesthetic purposes, to enhance or beautify objects or their use. A designer must be imaginative, creative and have an eye for detail. However, it has been noted that designers also need to have the capability of problem solving as well.

Designing a product entails drawing a sketch of the design, working out the manufacturing procedures involved, and finally presenting the sketch to the client for approval. A designer can be of many different occupations – apparel designers, costume designers, industrial designers, fashion designers, office design designers, jewelry designers, and furniture designers to name a few. Each occupation has its own particularities. An associate fashion designer focuses on providing clothes for men, women, and children. He prepares sample designs and fabric swatches and tries out various combinations in fabrics and colors. Fashion designers, on the other hand, focus on creating the designs for women.

A web designer creates web pages for users to view and navigate through, usually employing coding languages such as HTML and CSS to create layouts. A graphic designer creates artwork, images, illustrations, and other visual designs using a software program such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. An animation designer makes motion graphics (with images) and video designs.

There are many fields of specialization in which designers can specialize. Web designers create web sites for clients. Budget, style, and functionality factors in selecting a web designer. Meanwhile, interior designers deal with interior furnishings such as furniture, housewares, lighting, cabinets, etc., while fashion designers focus on clothing. Interior design encompasses a range of disciplines, while fashion design only includes clothing.

Motion graphics are computer generated images that can be used to enhance an individual’s appearance by increasing his or her prominence in a crowd. Motion graphics, such as tattoo flash art, are popular choices for individuals looking to enhance their personality or add flair to their style. An interior designer often deals with the design and layout of interiors. While a fashion designer focuses on designing clothes for people, a product designer designs products for companies. While these specialists do not have the title ‘designer,’ their work is still very crucial to the success of any business.

Although these professionals may not have the titles of “chief executive officer,” their work still impacts the production process and the company’s bottom line. Designers create the initial concept, drawing plans, and final color schemes. They oversee all product designs and graphics and oversee the creation of motion graphics. Although the majority of web designers, fashion designers, and product designers already have college degrees, some are starting their careers in this field without degrees, following a career path that has no academic background.