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Wordwide news is the internationally accepted term for international news and the news media terminology for worldwide news. It is usually communicated in two ways: orally and electronically. Oral communication takes place through news conferences and correspondences or meetings of editors, producers and reporters. Electronic information is communicated by publishing news on the web. It can be distributed through RSS feeds, email or text messages to cell phones and personal computers. The most widely used means of communication are the internet and SMS/texting.

The worldwide news is an important commodity among the mass media and public. Worldwide news is referred to as global, regional, national and international news. The term worldwide news therefore, refers to news that is spread over the entire globe or across national boundaries. Such news may include breaking news, sports events, environmental news and political or technological news.

All news agencies worldwide provide the service of sending alerts to both mobile and landlines. This allows people to have up-to-the-minute information about any major event occurring within a day or within a week. In addition, such news facilitates information sharing amongst the communities. For instance, if a plane crashes in a remote area, the residents of that area can quickly know about it through the services of news agencies worldwide. They can pass on this information to their friends and relatives, and can also contact the local authorities for updates.

Every country has a national news agency that is managed by the government. There are other news agencies worldwide that also cater to a specific industry or geographic region. Some news agencies offer specialized news content and are mostly focused on a particular field. Such news includes travel, health, financial, IT, automobiles, and education.

Another way of getting global news is through media networks that bring news to different communities across the world very quickly. They usually broadcast news around the clock on their websites. However, news organizations must take immense care not to sensationalize its content as the general public might be prone to doing so. Similarly, news agencies must ensure that the information is presented objectively and with restraint to avoid turning any person or community into a religious. As far as possible, news agencies worldwide should not attempt to present any story that touches on religion in a negative light.

Today, it has become much easier to get access to worldwide news. Most of the traditional media sources have gone online. Therefore, those who have interests in global news have a number of options available to them. Many news agencies showcase their news stories on the Internet and some of them also upload video clips to showcase their reporting techniques. These news clips help people to have a clear idea of the global happenings, even when they are residing in their own locality.