Jobs in Fashion Design

Jobs in Fashion Design

A designer plays a vital part in any creative industry. With elements such as typography, illustrations, photography and designs, a designer is always constantly at the forefront of creative thought which will absorb current visual trends and apply them in exciting and new ways. For example, the upcoming ‘Goth’ look for women’s clothes is being devised by London based designer Jack Taylor. His work often centres around darker, Gothic colours with traditional Gothic imagery and motifs. If you are interested in this style, then there are many different types of goth clothing you may choose from.

Gothic Clothing The style incorporates heavily patterned fabrics, oversized knitted jackets and chunky knacks. It’s very graphic and creates a dramatic effect upon which creative minds can churn and re-invent. Although there have been a few goth fashion designers who have achieved success within the fashion industry, it continues to remain a niche market with little appeal to mainstream buyers. Nonetheless, if you are prepared to take a risk and are willing to explore your bolder and edgier side, then there is a great opportunity for a career within the fashion industry.

Graphic Designer Another essential element of a successful designer/art director partnership is a designer/art director working on the project. The graphic designer creates artwork in collaboration with the art director, usually sharing a certain amount of responsibility for the end product. The graphic designer’s role is usually to conceptualise the overall look of the project and provide inspirational inspiration. On completion, the graphic designer will submit their portfolio and/or sample work for approval before going into production.

Fashion Designer An art director doesn’t just make a fashion designer. They also collaborate with fashion designers on the creative direction of the campaign as well as working with customers and suppliers. The fashion designer will produce actual garments and the art director will conceptualise the look for them. Often the two designers will team up and work on a single campaign at a time, completing one project first then refining the process during the next. A successful fashion designer will have a strong sense of colour, composition, fashion and creativity.

Web Designer There are many areas where graphic designers work together on projects, although the most common areas are web and browser development. In web design, the two involved designers are responsible for creating the aesthetic and functional elements of the website. Functional aspects include elements such as navigation and usability, as well as visual aspects such as typography and graphics. Web designers need to be skilled at the complex interface and use of colours, contrast and other various visual techniques. A successful web designer should have creativity, an eye for detail and should be able to communicate their ideas effectively through images and content.

Fashion designers may also collaborate with the fashion industry. They will often work with retailers and brands on researching and designing new products and collections. They may also work on promotional campaigns and helping to improve the user experience of existing products by making them more accessible to smaller groups. The main job of fashion designers is to create unique, exciting and fashionable designs for the general market.