News As an Objective Medium

News is an unpublished account of human activity, that seeks to entertain, inform, or teach the readers about some current affairs or topical issues of public concern. The first basic requirement of news is that it must not have already been published somewhere else before. It must come directly to the audience for the first time. Like a hot cake baking on the stove coming straight out of the oven.

The second prerequisite for news is that the written account must be of some significant value to those who are reading it. Since news is meant to educate and entertain, the more news it contains the more valuable it will generally be to those who are reading it. News is meant to inform the public. It does not seek to entertain those who are not interested in what is being discussed. A good example would be the reporting of the different societies and their cultures or race relations.

Then again it may affect the listeners more than the writers themselves. Because the listeners are the ones who will be directly affected by what they read. News may affect the listeners directly by informing them about a natural disaster such as flood or hurricane that may have affected a city or a region. The same can be said of health concerns that may be spreading through the different societies or regions.

Then there is the question of how it affects the journalist writing about the given subject. News made by a journalist for the first time may not necessarily be newsworthy. Sometimes a journalist is driven by passion and so they may put too much emphasis on trivial things. This may make news less interesting to readers because the interest in the given matter is lessened. But news made by a journalist with greater interest and a higher level of professionalism is more likely to be of interest to readers and this makes news more interesting to them.

Another way of putting perspective on news is to consider how it makes news to readers who have different economic, cultural, and other interests. News in the media can vary greatly from one country or region to another. News from developing countries may not necessarily be newsworthy to readers in the United States, but it can be news that readers from different countries would find more interesting. And this is why the context in which a piece of news is being placed should always be given great consideration.

In many cases, the way that news is written and reported doesn’t necessarily reflect the culture and country in which it is being written. This has serious consequences when it comes to making news stories more relevant to many people. It also makes news stories less interesting to many people because of its inaccuracy and tendency to focus on the trivial over the important. In a world where information is so easily accessible, any bias that gets in the way of the reader should be scrutinized very carefully.