News Release – 5 Tips to Educate Your Students About the Latest Technology

The News Update covers what’s happening in ed technology for K-12 teachers. Opinions piece by leading educators and technology experts offer key insight on various critical issues facing the educational technology industry. In this weekly feature, teachers around the country can obtain information on what they can do to enhance the effectiveness of their students learning systems. News Updates helps teachers stay abreast of the trends that impact educational technology.

A new series of books on K-12 education and the associated technologies was recently published. Author Louise Hay offers several fresh new perspectives on teaching and the use of technology in education. The author rightly claims, “Not all of the tools, devices, and methods being used now will be available in five or ten years.” However, new developments and the advances of current technologies are certain to continue amassing great benefits for teachers and educators in the years to come. The new book, News Update, is an excellent publication for any teacher who needs a quick summary of recent studies and research in the world of educational technology.

News Updates provides numerous articles and perspective articles that address some of the most pressing issues surrounding the teaching community today. For example, new studies have shown that a significant number of children are having trouble interacting and using social skills with their classmates due to the presence of smart phones. Smart phone technology has in fact also been linked to an increased risk of autism in children. In this article, News Update discusses these issues in detail and offers tips on how teachers can use new devices to enhance their students’ social and emotional skills.

In addition to this, the News Update discusses a recent study that found that text messaging may not be as bad for brain development as was once believed. Some students may be texting to engage in sexual activity, but their mothers are finding it far more beneficial to talk to their children in person. It seems obvious that the old myth that texting is bad for the brain has been largely debunked. However, some teachers may want to continue to ban text messaging to help keep their schools safe from students using cell phones in dangerous ways. In this way, the news publication provides a clear perspective on this issue for all educators.

News Update also takes a critical look at the new devices being introduced to the classroom and what potential they could do to facilitate learning. It seems obvious that digital video games and iPads could greatly enhance students’ ability to learn, but what other new devices should educators be considering? News Update delves into the new science lab equipment that allows teachers to connect real and virtual worlds together. For instance, a student studying under a microscope can interact with a robot that explores that same area using the touch screen on their tablet. Such interactions would make learning more interesting and perhaps help students retain more of what they learn.

In addition to this, News Update examines what a school can do to improve its use of social media, which seems to have become a major factor in the way that many students communicate with their families and with their peers. With such a high-tech world in place, it is easy to see why there is so much focus on social media. The news publication concludes its investigation by recommending five tips for educators to take advantage of social media. These include: Creating an accessible learning environment, encouraging social interaction, maintaining a safe online environment, ensuring that content is verified and providing feedback. Clearly, the information provided in the news article about this subject is useful and educational for those who are concerned with issues surrounding this topic.