What Do Different Designers Do?

A designer is someone who carefully plans out the shape or form of something in advance, usually by drawing or planning patterns beforehand. Designers can work in almost any industry, starting from clothing to architecture. Some designers choose to specialize in only one thing, while others are extremely well-versed in a number of different fields and areas. Here are some careers that you might like to try out:

Graphic Designer The main job of a graphic designer is to create logos, advertising designs, layouts, etc. that will represent the business they are representing. They usually have to be imaginative and creative, as they must think of ideas that will catch the eye of their clients. A graphic designer career will often involve developing print media for companies.

Fashion Designer The job of a fashion designer involves coming up with new designs for women’s fashions, jewelry, accessories, etc. Most young people nowadays spend lots of time and money in fashions. The designs must be unique and appealing. Fashion designers can work in department stores or boutiques. They may also start their own fashion design company. A fashion designer career can be very exciting and fun.

Web Designer In order to be a web designer, you must understand the needs of users on the World Wide Web, and how to design a site that will be both efficient and functional. A website designer must be imaginative and creative, and must be able to work within a budget. Web designers will often collaborate with content designers from other departments to make the overall layout of the site as attractive as possible. Most web graphic designers have a background in either computers or marketing, but many of them are now focusing on computer applications. Web design can be a fun and exciting profession.

Brand Identity Designer A brand identity is all about visual communication – showing customers what the company does and who it does it for. A graphic designer will usually work with the brand identity designer in the design process to brainstorm and refine the designs. Graphic designers will often also work in print media to create the brand identity. Brand identity designer jobs require unique and wonderful designs that will attract consumers. Some of the jobs available at this level include advertising design, concept development, logo creation and logo design, mascot and branding design.

Art Director A art director creates the content for advertisements and posters. Their work will often be associated with the art director of the advertising firm. Many companies hire several art directors, because their designs are so different and beautiful. Art directors will usually work in the advertising department, but some of these types of graphic designers will also work in collections and promotions.