What Really Makes news?

What Really Makes news?

News has been one of the most important factors that have affected human being over the years. It is an element of life that keeps us informed about the happenings around the world. Without news, we would be able to understand anything about anything, but with it we can get a glimpse into the lives of others and it can affect our actions too.

According to Oxford dictionary, news or reports of recent happenings. A daily newspaper or a radio or television programme usually consisting of reports on recent affairs. A purely visual presentation of these news, as on a news bulletin or in a newspaper. A social network like Facebook or Twitter where people come together to share or view the latest news.

The importance of news is now evident in almost every aspect of our life. How we live, what we eat, what we do, how we communicate and who we are as a people are affected by news. So much has been reported about the Gulf war, the Olympics and the financial crisis that it has affected us all. News helps us keep in touch with our wider community and informs the public about issues that concern us all.

The need for news is obvious to all. When there is a natural disaster or an accident that affects people’s lives or properties, news becomes a significant medium of communication. Reporters from all over the world try to cover the event as soon as they happen so as to capture the first news reports and as soon as they are published online. These reports are then disseminated all over the Internet, via TV and radio channels and published in newspapers and books.

With the proliferation of different news channels and news bureaus, the reach of news is also increasing. People from anywhere in the world can read and get news from their favourite sites. Online news is very common and it reaches people through the Internet. They can access this news from their home computers when Internet connections are fast and reliable.

The popularity of news is so immense because news-makers are always looking for ways to publish new news, information and images. It is very common to read news at work in the morning or in the evening after work. Everyone tries to find out what happened in the last few days and what happened in the whole week. There are many news channels that broadcast news throughout the day. They tell their stories through descriptive words and images so that people understand the basic concepts behind the story.